Terraform: Azure App Gateway Template

For different projects I have been writing Terraform Azure App Gateway templates from scratch, some time for my own project, some to explain it to someone within team and hence i thought why not write a generic template where you just change the values and Azure should be able to setup an SSL based app gateway.

Template link:


I have copied the templates in github account so that it’s easier for you to download and work.

If you see in appgateway.tf i haven’t setup any single value other then just for SSL Certificate data everything is being called from terraform.tfvars, just change the value to whatever you need as per your requirement and you should be good, I have also copied the certificate just so that you use it though it’s an self signed cert and might not be of much use.

These templates are additionally capable of setting up the virtual network along with public IP needed for app gateway frontend.

Pay attention to the comments in the terraform.tfvars which gives you good explanation about the importance of each variable.

I will setup similar ARM templates too in next few days.

Happy learning and write if you need any support.

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