ARM JSON: Azure Bastion

In one of the earlier blog you saw how to setup Azure Bastion using Terraform, let’s see how to set it up using Azure ARM. If you want to reference the fundamental of Azure Bastion here’s the link to what i posted earlier. It’s also advisable to read Microsoft Document on Azure Bastion so that you have a better understanding before you go ahead and start working on ARM templates.

Let’s dive in to ARM JSON templates straight away and see how we have setup the Bastion Host.

Few important points to note here, we are setting in the dependencies on Public IP Address and Virtual Network to be available, under properties we are setting ID of Azure Bastion Subnet and we are also associating Public IP Address here.

Note in case of Public IP Address sku has been to “Standard”.

Final Result:

Template is available here:Passwords have been removed from terraform.tfvars so please add password.

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